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DNA of the future by Elisa Insua

DNA of the Future (Discarded plastic objects on wood panel, 170 x 170 cm) by Elisa Insúa

This code, created out of single-use plastics and other waste objects, is a clear reflection of our society, and shows where this culture of immediacy, accumulation and profit-seeking at all cost has brought us.

A million species at risk of extinction, extreme and prolonged droughts, catastrophic floods and wildfires, and the highest atmospheric concentration of key greenhouse gas carbon dioxide in the last five million years.

Amid these environmental crises that threaten all life on Earth, seeking long-term solutions becomes crucial. This search has led me to ecological restoration projects in my home country, Argentina, that work on a local scale but with a global impact.

We can decide where this code leads us.

To prove this, I have decided to donate 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this work to marine ecosystem restoration in Argentina.

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Today, my invitation to you is to hack this QR code with me, and enter the tunnel that leads us from a consumption-based society to a society based on reciprocity.

Your effort is needed to prove that this new model is not only urgent and necessary, but possible.

Together we can prove that making this urgent and necessary change is possible. Join me.

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Elisa Insua is a visual artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She creates sculptures, assemblages and installations from discarded materials. In her works, she examines concepts related to economics, overconsumption, ecologic degradation and human insatiability.

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The rewilding process in Argentina began with Fundación Rewilding Argentina in the Iberá Wetlands, and today it’s expanding to other key biodiversity regions, including the Patagonian Sea, in the coast of Chubut. Rewilding Argentina is an organization with over two decades of experience in creating natural parks and reintroducing missing species into their original habitats to benefit wildlife and people alike.

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